'The Affair' season 3 spoilers: Helen entreats Max to help Noah

(Facebook/TheAffairShowtime)Helen goes to see Max in "The Affair" season 3.

Helen (Maura Tierney) may end up pleading with Max (Josh Stamberg) to change his statement about the night he witnessed Noah (Dominic West) destroying evidence of the crime in "The Affair" season 3.

Max's testimony on the night he saw Noah washing off Scotty's (Colin Donnell) blood off his car has been the nail in the coffin to put the author behind bars. The fact that they were best of friends must have hurt a lot for Noah, as well as Helen. They have all known each other for a long time and knowing that Max inevitably destroyed Noah's life must be weighing on everyone's mind.

It was Max who listened to Noah's problems when he left Helen for Alison (Ruth Wilson). He was also the first to know about his friends changing feelings toward his young fiancée. Noah told Max that he had a feeling that Alison was hiding something big from him. It turned out that his instinct was correct when it was revealed that the baby Alison gave birth to is not his.

When season 2 ended, Noah and Helen appeared to be on the brink of reconciliation. The former seemed certain that he wanted to go back to his former wife after learning of Alison's deceit. When the series eventually returns, it may be possible that Helen will do everything to make sure that her children's father will not be languishing in jail by entreating Max to withdraw his statement.

Meanwhile, Bustle has an interesting theory on Scotty's murderer. So far, there are three strong suspects — Noah, Alison, and Helen. The publication posits that Whitney (Julia Goldani Telles), the woman who was so obsessed with Scotty, could be the killer. When Scotty made her pregnant, he started avoiding her. Whitney, however, continued to stalk him. She could have finally snapped and dealt with the man who broke her heart by murdering him.

"The Affair" season 3 is expected to premiere this fall on Showtime.

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