'The Flash' episode 15 spoilers: Weather Wizard targets Joe; Barry, Eddie, Linda and Iris go on awkward double date

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"The Flash" will go on a brief hiatus before returning to the small screen on St. Patrick's Day on March 17. However, details of the upcoming episode have been released by CW and it looks highly intriguing.

Remember the pilot episode where Joe shot Clyde, a meta-human with the ability to control weather conditions? Well, his brother, Mark Mardon, also endowed with the ability to control the weather, visits Central City in order to seek vengeance for his brother's death. His target is Joe and he is bent on killing him. The episode's synopsis by Comic Book reveals that when Mark aka the Weather Wizard attacks Joe and Barry, the scarlet speedster is able to super-speed them to safety. Barry warns Joe not to go after Clyde's brother alone but Joe chooses to reject the advice and lands in grave danger. Will Barry be able to save Joe and stop The Weather Wizard?

Meanwhile, Cisco has a good look at the night the team caught Reverse Flash and realizes something isn't right. He also starts wondering whether Joe was right about Dr. Wells. Also, Linda, Barry, Iris and Eddie go on an awkward double date that is bound to be interesting.

In an interview with Access Hollywood, actress Malese Jow, who plays Linda Park, spoke about how the double date brings out complications in the relationship between all four characters. Since there is ample history between Iris and Barry, Eddie and Linda realize they have to come to terms with the fact that the two had feelings for each other. Jow says, "It's very confusing and things are constantly shifting with the love triangle dynamic, so I think when Linda and Eddie interact, it's kind of like they have to kind of swallow the fact that there's a lot of history between Barry and Iris 'cause that's not something that you can just make go away overnight."

"Out of Time" will air on CW on March 17 at 8 p.m. ET.

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