'The Last Ship' season 3 spoilers: Chandler faces crisis in the final part of his plan in episode 6

(The Last Ship / Facebook)"The Last Ship" season 3 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

Chandler (Eric Dane) is about to cap off his major plan in the upcoming episode 6, titled "Dog Day," of the third season of the American post-apocalyptic drama "The Last Ship."

When Chandler is about to prepare for the final part of his plan, he faces a major crisis in his mission. President Michener (Mark Moses), on the other hand, reflects on the fate of his presidency. He faces public scrutiny because of speculations that he has been hiding important information. Since the world is in chaos, the public holds on to the people in power to bring them hope.

The promo trailer for "Dog Day" shows Mike (Adam Baldwin) being reminded that everything will soon be over. However, he believes that things will not be over until everyone ends up dead. Meanwhile, President Michener reveals that he has prepared two speeches for the public — one will be delivered if they succeed, while the other one will be used if they don't. The troops, on the other hand, discover a place that looks like a storage for loots.

Meanwhile, Dane shared on TV Line about the plot of season 3. He said, "There are three 'A' storylines happening simultaneously. Week by week, we get a little closer to each other, and eventually you have to know that the three storylines will collide."

The actor also revealed that Chandler already has a direction to follow in season 4, if the show gets renewed. When asked if there is a chance for a renewal, Dane said that the current season finale is created to be "really satisfying" and it has cliffhangers so it can provide a room for continuation. Although the series is waiting to get an official extension from the network, the actor seems optimistic that they can secure it, even stating that the writers already have ideas for the first five seasons.

"The Last Ship" season 3 airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on TNT.

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