'The Originals' season 4 rumors: Upcoming offering of the series to be its last?

(Twitter/The Originals)The CW has yet to renew "The Originals" for its season 5.

While "The Originals" season 4 has yet to air, there are now speculations claiming that the upcoming season of the vampire series may be its last as The CW is not renewing the show for another season run.

Rumors about "The Originals" heading to the chopping board surfaced recently after The CW announced the lineup of the seven shows under its ward that got an early renewal. While fans of the DC superhero shows, such as "The Flash," "Supergirl," "DC's Legends of Tomorrow," and "Arrow," can breathe well now as the said shows have been renewed for another season to premiere this fall (along with non-DC series, namely "Supernaturals," "Jane the Virgin," and " My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend"), the same thing cannot be said about the fans of "The Originals."

It has been learned that the reason for "The Originals" not getting a renewal yet is that its season 4 failed to make it last fall. Additionally, the network has yet to see how its upcoming season will fare in the ratings game before it can be decided whether it will be renewed for another season or not.

"Julie (Plec, 'The Originals' showrunner) and I spoke ahead of time about this. 'The Originals' has not yet premiered for the season. It'll probably be a discussion in May. I'm a big Julie Plec fan. I'm hoping The Originals will continue. A lot of it will depend on performance," said The CW president Mark Pedowitz during the Television Critics Association (TCA) press tour in Pasadena earlier this week as he answered why the vampire series has not been included on the list of its shows that got an early renewal.

Meanwhile, it is said that "The Originals" season 4 will offer a lot of exciting twists, including an imminent romance between Elijah (Daniel Gillies) and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin). Certain characters from "The Vampire Diaries," parent series of "The Originals," are also expected to make a crossover to the show, much more that the former is to end after its season 8, which, incidentally, resumed yesterday after going into a winter break. 

Despite the excitement that "The Originals" season 4 is set to offer, though, one can only wonder if it will be enough to get the series a nod for another season.

"The Originals" season 4 is set to premiere on The CW this March 17.

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