'The Originals' season 4 premiere spoilers: EP talks about season 3 finale and where it leads

(The CW Network / Bob Mahoney)Klaus was put on trial, and while Rebekah seemed to have switched sides, everything was according to plan.

The CW network has released the list of shows that will premiere in fall, and "The Originals" season 4 is not on it; instead, the show will return in early 2017. Meanwhile, the shocking season 3 finale has left a lot of story potential going into the season.

Marcel is in control of New Orleans once again as the prophecy of the Mikaelsons' fall has come to play. With all the things he has been through since viewers first met him, a different Marcel is expected as the series returns.

In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Michael Narducci said, "At the end of our season, Marcel and Hayley are the only ones left. Marcel is standing somewhat triumphant, although he's lost people that he loves, including his former family. Hayley, with her daughter, is the guardian of these sleeping vampires and on the run. Season 4 is just packed with story potential. What you can definitely assume is that after a time cut, these sleeping giants are going to awaken and they are not going to be happy."

The circumstances surrounding the death of Davina drove Marcel to turn against the siblings whom he once called family. However, "The Originals" are what the show is all about and the writers have brilliantly created a storyline that kills the stars yet keep them alive at the same time.

Marcel's bite has put Elijah's and Kol's lives on the line, while Freya has been poisoned. Klaus was put in trial for his misdeeds and Rebekah was brought in for a plan to stop him from being killed. In the end, Papa Tunde's blade put Klaus in a fate worse than death. The blade kept Klaus in coma filled with sorrow, while Freya successfully cast a spell that put them all in sleep, including herself and Rebekah. While asleep, their lives are anchored on Klaus until Hayley finds a cure.

How Hayley helps the Mikaelsons rise from their semi-dead state will be the starting point for season 4's plot. There are no details revealed yet, but Narducci teased, "As to what happens there, I'm going to leave it to the fans to think about and debate amongst themselves. We've got some great stuff planned."

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