The Weeknd releases flashy and Selena-pun driven 'Party Monster' music video

(YouTube/ TheWeekndVEVO)The Weeknd's "Party Monster" video is very controversial in more ways than one.

The Weeknd is known for sensual, seductive tunes that make waves on the radio, and he has just released another one with a rather controversial twist for a number of reasons.

The music video for The Weeknd's single "Party Monster" shows a rather eccentric take for what is expected as a part anthem. He waltzes into what appears like a post-party gathering, while girls ogle at him and the other way around. The melody incites a sense of "last song syndrome" with the repetitive lines and cyclical tune.

In the comments of the YouTube video, people were pointing out several peculiar things about the clip. The crucifix-dominated video got some to deduct that it was somehow Illuminati-inspired, while some even say that there should be a warning that it could trigger epileptic seizures, given the colorful and flashy approach.

Perhaps a more controversial point to ponder is that there could have been references to the rumored affair between him and Selena Gomez. The cryptic line was mentioning admiration about a certain Selena's behind, although he didn't say who exactly it was.

At this point, netizens were quick to speculate on different social media platforms, and most agree and debate that he was referring to the late singer, Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. It can be recalled that the deceased singer had a body to die for, with curvatures that are rather unfair, given the fact she binges a lot on pizza and a lot of junk food as was depicted in her life story.

Nonetheless, the mystery of the name-dropping will sure be the topic of many discussions for quite a while, given the status between the two singers. If this is a subtle way to express endearment to the other, well it is a rather sweet declaration.

The track has been on Billboard's Top 100 for seven weeks already, and, given the publicity and drama that it is receiving now, it looks like it may remain there for a long time.

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