Titanfall 2 release date: Respawn developing title for multiple platforms; may retail 2017

(EA Games)

Vince Zampella, founder and CEO of Respawn Entertainment, has announced that "Titanfall 2" will be definitely coming out and on multiple platforms. In a recent interview, Zampella confirmed the rumors and said that the company was working on the second installment of the game, but had yet to give it an official name.

Earlier, Blake Jorgensen, CFO of Electronic Arts, had spoken about a planned sequel for "Titanfall" during the 2015 Technology, Internet and Media Conference in February, confirming that the company was working on a new "Titanfall" game along with Respawn.

The original game was nominated in three categories at the BAFTA awards, where Zampella confirmed the rumors of the upcoming sequel to the first Titanfall game. While the first Titanfall was exclusive to Xbox 360, Xbox One and Windows PC exclusive, Zampella said that Titanfall 2 would be a multiplatform game, which would also give PlayStation console owners the opportunity to play Titanfall. This also makes business sense for Respawn because more people own a PlayStation 4 than the Xbox One console.

The first Titanfall game is a multiplayer game and Zampella did not confirm if a single player option would be added to the new game title this time. To mark the game's one-year anniversary, Respawn also confirmed that there were no time restrictions its free DLC promotion for Titanfall and all the three expansions would remain free to download forever. The studio is revising its DLC policy after the recent release of Evolve and seeing the change in approach of other developers towards their DLCs. Respawn is keen on providing free maps to ensure that the community is not split and matchmaking becomes easier. Respawn has not officially set a release date for Titanfall 2, though it is rumored to be launched in 2017.


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