'Tokyo Ghoul' Season 3 release date delayed to 2017 and to have an avatar of main protagonist

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When it comes to the anime series "Tokyo Ghoul," a lot of attention is being focused on when its third season will start. However, as of now, no official information is available about it and this has left fans of the show thirsting for rumors or any type of news concerning it. Recently however, they got a bit of good news when rumors emerged pointing towards a new game arriving alongside the anime.

The reports about the new game arrived via a website where it was outlined that the game will be offered for mobile devices and more importantly, it will be based on the anime and not on the manga.

However, there are still considerable discussions going on about the plot of the anime's upcoming season and several fans are not happy that the anime's storyline is deviating from the manga.

While this is expected when an anime show is based off a manga, it has resulted in a lot of delay in the show's third season. However, other analysts are noting that since the second season of the anime arrived last year, it is likely that the next installment could release sometime soon. Meanwhile, others have been pointing towards the third season being hit by delays and releasing a few months later than usual.

HofMag meanwhile states that social media sites are flooded with news about the third season of the "Tokyo Ghoul" anime and adds that this could be another indication that the third season is coming soon. It also points out that there are new characters who will be focused on in the upcoming season but the main protagonist is going to be Kaneki Ken who underwent a huge transformation to a Ghoul in the second season and finally began to accept himself.

It is also thought that Haise Sasaki or Touka would play a major part in the show's third season. It was also speculated that Haise Sasaki will actually turn out to be an avatar of Kaneki Ken. Many believe this particular theory as Haise Sasaki has a similar mixture of white and black hair that Kaneki Ken has.

Finally, according to rumors, 'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 could happen late this year or in the beginning of next year.

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