'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release rumors: Anime's upcoming season to arrive earlier than expected

(Facebook/Tokyo Ghoul)"Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is said to arrive soon.

Although there is still no confirmation yet, it is said that the production for "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 has already started, and the anime will be released sooner than expected.

According to sources, production for "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 has already kicked off. Ironically, reports also claim that the anime series will arrive earlier than expected although, to begin with, there is no solid reference for the date as no definite release date has ever been pinpointed as its release.

Nonetheless, it is said that the upcoming season of "Tokyo Ghoul" will be faithful to the events in its manga counterpart, which, if turns out to be true, will be a welcome to the fans as many were disappointed over season 2's deviation from the story of the anime in its manga origins.

While it's true that there are various speculations as to what can possibly happen in "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3, there is no denying that the most persistent and loudest rumor about its possible plot is that Ken Kaneki will become the One-Eyed King.

It can be recalled that in the previous season of the anime, Ken Kaneki had a battle with Arima and was presumed dead. However, the truth of the matter is that "Tokyo Ghoul's" main protagonist did not really die but only lost his memory.

It is also said that Ken Kaneki will assume a new identity, Haise Sasaki, while he has no idea of who he truly is, but Arima will help him regain his memory. However, as Ken Kaneki and Arima engage in a clash once more, the latter will take it upon himself to end his life by slashing his throat.

Before breathing his last air, though, it is reported that Arima will instruct Ken Kaneki that it was him who killed the former so that he can declare himself as the One-Eyed King, the leader of the ghouls.

Meanwhile, although it is said that "Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is slated to arrive earlier than expected, no definite date has been made as to when exactly the anime series will return for its next season.

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