'Tokyo Ghoul' season 3 release date, updates: Madhouse Entertainment taking over from Studio Pierrot

(Weekly Young Jump)"Tokyo Ghoul" season 3 is expected to be released this winter

"Tokyo Ghoul" fans are probably rejoicing at the news that their favorite anime will now be produced by Madhouse Entertainment. But can the production come up with a third season before the year ends?

Anime Maru recently reported that a third season of "Tokyo Ghoul" will be arriving this winter and that Madhouse Entertainment will be taking over from Studio Pierrot.

This is certainly good news for loyal followers of the anime as there have been numerous complaints on how Studio Pierrot handled the show's animation and story arc. Fans have complained that the studio took too many liberties with the material and ended up with something so far from the original source.

With Madhouse's reputation for attention to detail and its specialization on darker anime, fans might finally get the cartoon that they're looking for.

What's more, Bob, the anime's writer, had teased that the next season will probably be "the most disillusioning, psychological and darkest plot line that we will attempt to adapt."

"We hope to remain as faithful as possible to the source material, although we cannot guarantee that more gory scenes such as Touka's standardized exam test-taking will not be censored," he added.

"Toyo Ghoul's" third season will reportedly focus on Touka Kirishima, a ghoul and ex-waitress who's set to enter college.

Anime Maru staffers were allegedly treated to the season's first episode, which showed Touka stressing over which university to choose — Kamii University, To-Oh University, or Duke University. The ghoul will reportedly balk at choosing Duke because of her fears of discrimination, while her plan to enter Kamii was only due to her desire to be close to Kaneki. Perhaps To-Oh would be a better fit for her?

Whatever Madhouse plans to do with "Tokyo Ghoul," fans are just hoping that the animation company would do it justice and not rush the plot. They're also demanding better and more consistent animation.

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