'Vikings' season 4 news: Creator of series speaks about bear scene

(Facebook/Vikings)Bjorn's (Alexander Ludwig) face-off against a bear in a scene from Vikings season 4

The most recent episode of "Vikings" season 4 saw a pivotal moment in Bjorn's life.

Fans were able to see Bjorn up against a bear in the previous episode of History Channel's hit series "Vikings." It was revealed that the scene was a symbolic part in Bjorn's upcoming journey.

The creator of the series, Michael Hirst, previously spoke about the scene during an interview with IGN. Hirst explained that the scene was a mark of the beginning of Bjorn's personal adventure.

He said, "Bjorn has decided that he's got to find out who he is by going into the wilderness, into the Icelands, because he's got high-achieving parents who've always slightly patronized him. He believes that they don't believe he can survive. So he's going out there to prove something to himself and to find out who he is."

The actor who plays Bjorn, Alexander Ludwig, previously shared some details about the scene. He spoke about the matter during the scene's reveal at the San Diego Comic-Con last year. According to Entertainment Weekly, Ludwig stated, "He decides to figure out his life and go out to the woods. And while he's there, this bear starts stalking him. Ironically, the bear had a bigger resum√© than anyone else on the set. It was the Anchorman bear. I was starstruck."

Hirst stated that they sent Ludwig to Canada during the winter, where he was forced to jump into a hole of an iced lake. In addition, he revealed some details about the bear that attacked Ludwig. Hirst explained that they actually got two bear actors to play the role of one bear, which created the effect of a huge creature compared to Ludwig.

Fans will see more of Bjorns journey as "Vikings" season 4 airs on History Channel every Friday at 9 p.m.


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