WWE Wrestlemania 33 news: Undertaker vs. John Cena match, is it happening?

(Wikimedia Commons/Miguel Discart)The Undertaker is rumored to most likely face John Cena in Wrestlemania 33 to defend his title.

With The Undertaker slowly making his appearances before Wrestlemania 33, speculations are starting to emerge that his most likely opponent for the World Championship title will be John Cena, another World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. However, newer reports suggest that other incidents may arise to make this proposition just one of many pitches.

Daily Wrestling News reported that even if WWE CEO Vince McMahon personally wants the Undertaker vs. Cena match to happen in Wrestlemania 33, he still asked the company's creative team to come up with ideas and other possible matches against The Undertaker. This does not throw out the Undertaker-Cena match entirely, but with the current state of things, Undertaker might be put up against another wrestler.

The same report mentioned that Cena actually has some "friendly tension" with the WWE management which - according to the news outlet's source - was ignited when the wrestling superstar pursued some projects outside of WWE. But the report also clarifies that Cena remains committed to the company while McMahon does not have anything against him.

It is also rumored that Cena wanted the WWE to realize that his contribution to the industry was being taken for granted by the management. There are speculations that he compared the treatment that WWE gives to part-timers like Brock Lesnar, The Rock and Goldberg over to what he is getting and that he thinks he deserves the same attention.

Now that Cena becomes one of the other options for the main event against The Undertaker, other big names in the wrestling business are floated. According to Inquisitr, one of the ideas being suggested is to pit The Undertaker against AJ Styles during the Royal Rumble where he'll win the World Championship title. It is then also possible that after the Rumble match, Undertaker will still end up facing Cena where he will successfully defend that title. 

On the other hand, Forbes speculates that a match between Brock Lesnar and Shane McMahon will be inevitable while there is a very slim chance that The Undertaker will face Shane again in Wrestlemania 33.

Wrestlemania 33 happens on April 2, 2017 in Orlando, Florida.

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