Xbox One and PS4 sales soar: Will Titanfall become the top game?

(Photo: Microsoft and Sony)The Xbox One and the PS4 game consoles, together with their respective controller and Xbox Kinect and PS4 Camera accessories.

Sales are rising for Microsoft Xbox One and Sony PS4. For Microsoft it is courtesy of Titanfall, which is posed to be the top game seller, Tech Times reports. February saw Call of Duty as the top game, but it has stiff competition with the newly-released Titanfall this March.

Sony and Microsoft are February's top-notchers for the console game platform. The NPD Group reported Sony PlayStation 4 holds the top spot, as it shipped more units in February than Microsoft. However, since Xbox is priced $100 more than a PS4, it appears that Microsoft takes first place in terms of revenue.

In February this year, PS4 led the hardware sales, but with a narrow margin towards Microsoft's Xbox, which sold over 90 percent of what PS4 sold in devices. The majority of hardware platforms had a triple digit rise compared to January 2014, as told by NPD group analyst Liam Callahan.

In the overall picture, the gaming market is doing good for February where gamers spent $887 million total – up 9 percent compared to February 2013. This can be credited to consumers spending more for the new consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Another $221 million is accounted for by game accessories.

February's top selling games are in for a challenge, as Respawn Entertainment's blockbuster game Titanfall will also be included. Call of Duty has been stayed on top of NPD's list for several months. Titanfall which was released on March 11 is only for the Xbox One and PCs, yet it racked up approximately 200,000 pre-orders by February.

The five top selling games following Call of Duty are: The Lego Movie Videogame, NBA 2K14, Thief and Grand Theft Auto V.

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