Our Mission

Ecumenical News (www.EcumenicalNews.com) is an international online news resource reporting on global ecumenical developments and events from a Christian perspective.

From diverse sources, it gives religious insights into news developments and reports on the intersection of other faiths with Christianity.

Ecumenical News covers all aspects of churches’ activity. While its news often carries critical comments, it is fair, trustworthy and humane.

The publication provides coverage of diverse Christian activity and promotes awareness of humanitarian, justice-related and charitable activities.

Updated daily, the paper operates from its headquarters in New York City and its editing hub in Geneva, Switzerland.

The goal of the news resource is to serve those who use it by providing insights and coverage that do not favor any church or denomination over any other, but with the ecumenical goal of the unity of the Church.

The aim of Ecumenical News is to inform its readers in a commitment to a religious literacy that can enable Christians to interact with a better understanding of one another and others to better interact with them.

Ecumenical News does not endorse or promote any particular church or denomination, nor does it seek to preach or proselytize in its news reportage.

Opinions are reserved for the clearly marked section and do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher, unless stated.


Ecumenical News Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, which began in 2009 as a Internet-based publication to serve the growing number of readers who obtain their news online.

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Nathan G. Helguero

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Peter Kenny


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