Findery for iPhone: Reading and Writing Notes on Virtual Billboards

(IMAGE: Findery / Blog)

Social apps come and go, but there is a very special one in the iOS App Store today – Findery. Findery is a social tool based on location from Caterina Fake, the founder of Flickr. According to Appscout PC Mag, the app allows users to post notes which are tied to certain geographical locations that can be seen by everyone, like putting up a virtual billboard.

According to the Findery website, one can leave and find notes anywhere as well as discover knowledge, stories, information, hidden secrets and all.

Notes can be images or text. Anyone can write on the billboards, at any location. They can be anecdotes, detailed vacation stories, what food to order and which restaurant. Findery covers the whole world, and already appears to have been filled with content.

Viewing notes can be done various ways. Findery notes are accessible from bottom tabs; the Discover portion shows notes on a map which can be searched for; and there is another one in the Activity tab – notes from the user and those he follows.

The most interesting part about Findery is Bumping. It is a fundamental location alert, when one are wandering near a note. Since it runs in the background, there is no need to use Findery to be aware of nearby notes.

Findery is now available on iOS, although the site has been running for two years already. It acts as a self-contained network, though also supporting Twitter and Facebook sharing. It is available for free on the iPhone. As of yet, there is no version optimized for iPad.

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