MacBook Air 2017 release date, specs rumors: Will Apple discontinue the Macbook Air?

(Apple)Promotional image for the MacBook Air

Apple has yet to announce the release date for the MacBook Air 2017 that last received an update in April 2016. There is even a possibility, according to several sources, that the improved lightweight laptop might not make an appearance at all this 2017.

The MacBook Air's upgraded features that were introduced last year included a variant in Rose Gold and an adjustment in its RAM to 8 GB. While the additional features were considered insignificant, consumers were hoping that an even better version will arrive before 2016 ended. Unfortunately, the year ended with no news on the MacBook Air.

According to Mac World, speculations that the Air line will be discontinued sparked when Apple failed to announce updates regarding the MacBook Air in its event last October. As fans may recall, Apple discontinued selling the 11-inch MacBook Air model and instead focused on the 13-inch variant that is considerably more costly than its smaller counterpart.

A report by Value Walk mentioned that Apple intends to reduce its MacBook production by at least 16 percent. The percentage converts to about 3 million units that will not be produced, leaving only 13.6 million laptops to be released this year.

It is said that Apple will concentrate on the MacBook Pro despite the fact that a lot of consumers also pursued the MacBook Air because of its portability and slick design. The MacBook Pro, however, is still leading the Apple laptops without a doubt due to its performance and high productivity. The latest models of the MacBook Pro bears a lot of similarities with the MacBook Air at first glance as it is also slimmer and lighter compared to previous models. If consumers really think about it, they can already get the same feel with the MacBook Pro and enjoy its superior offerings.

There are also rumors surfacing that Apple might adjust the price of the MacBook Pro to cater to the needs of those who are eyeing the MacBook Air due to budget constraints. By doing so, it may mean better sales for Apple as well.

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