Surface Pro 5 rumors: Upcoming Microsoft device to pack AMD processor, not Intel Kaby Lake

(Microsoft)Shown is the promotional image for Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Rumors claim that the Surface Pro 5 may be announced next month.

Although it is believed that the reason why Microsoft did not release the Surface Pro 5 last year was because it was still waiting for the then-upcoming Kaby Lake processor, the latest reports suggest that the upcoming tablet-laptop hybrid from the Redmond-based company may not pack the said processor from Intel.

There is no denying that the Surface Pro 5 has been one of the most-anticipated devices since last year. While some thought that the device would finally be launched at last year's October event of Microsoft, many believed that it would not happen as it was strongly rumored that the upcoming device would pack the Intel Kaby Lake processor that was not released at the time yet.

While the latest powerful processor from Intel was finally launched last January, the latest reports claim that the Surface Pro 5 will not pack the said processor; rather, it is alleged that the latest Microsoft tablet-laptop hybrid will pack an AMD processor instead. 

It has been learned that speculations on the Surface Pro 5 possibly packing an AMD processor stemmed from the trailer of "Alien: Covenant." In the said trailer, a character is seen holding a tablet believed to be the Surface Pro 5. While the teaser is meant to whet the appetite of sci-fi movie fans, eagle-eyed fans spotted a logo of AMD.

20th Century Fox has eventually confirmed that all the technology and devices used in the upcoming movie is powered by AMD Ryzen and Radeon.

While it is unknown whether the said device spotted in the trailer is, indeed, the Surface Pro 5, as tablets have the tendency to look the same at a glance, some believe that it is not a far cry from possibility. After all, AMD and Microsoft have managed to develop a good business partnership as evidenced by their works on DirectX 12 graphics for Windows 10 and the linchpin of the Xbox One gaming console.

Meanwhile, reports claim that it is likely for the Surface Pro 5 to be announced this month or in April. Should this really be the case, only by then can it be confirmed whether it will really pack an AMD processor instead of the strongly rumored Intel Kaby Lake processor.

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