Think Beyond Improving Physical Health in 2013: UCC Minister

(Photo Credit: United Church of Christ)UCC members are seen at a Let's Move! Faith even in Colorado in October.

As 2013 approaches, A United Church of Christ minister is encouraging people to seek to improve their health beyond just the physical aspect.

"Usually you say you want t lose 10 pounds," said Barbara Baylor, UCC's minister for health care justice told UCC News. "Think about broadening the goal beyond physical health. You have to be healthy on a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and social level. They all come together. If you feel good about yourself spiritually, it impacts your physical health."

Baylor says UCC churches in Wisconsin, Colorado and Ohio have had "great participation in a program she is working with conference ministers to arrange and encourage UCC participation at future events with the theme "Let's Move!"

The "Let's Move!" campaign is a part of the White House's Campaign for Healthy Kids started by First Lady Michelle Obama. The movement aims to help end childhood obesity and to increase awareness among adults about chronic diseases associated with weight gain. The UCC was one of the first Christian denominations to join.

Baylor is asking Churches to be aware of their health.

"What is it in a congregation that helps keep people well?" she asks. "Churches can keep in mind to have more people walking and being mindful of their health in their lives."

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