• pope-francis-cardinal-andrew-yeom-soo-jung

    Pope urges new cardinals to be peacemakers with compassion

  • bishop-leopoldo-jose-brenes-of-nicaragua

    Tailor says simple style has not hit demand from Francis' prelates

  • church-2010031001

    World Evangelical Alliance postpones Seoul assembly

  • pope-benedict-xvi

    A year after resignation, ex-Pope Benedict has no regrets

  • john-paul-ii

    In private diaries, Pope John Paul asked: Am I serving God?

  • portugal-churches-recongize-others-baptism

    Portugal churches officially recognize each other's baptism

  • child-abuse-victims-protest

    Pope won't be lenient with predator priests - ex-prosecutor

  • paris-russian-orthodox-church

    Russian Orthodox begins building church on banks of the River Seine

  • new-holy-land-lutheran-church

    Besieged Middle East Christians get new church where Jesus was baptized

  • setri-nyomi

    World Reformed churches body moves from city of Calvin to Germany

  • pope-benedict-archbishop-of-canterbury-ecumencial-patriarch

    Archbishop of Canterbury to visit Ecumenical Patriarch in Istanbul

  • alberto-athie

    Conservative Catholic order meets to turn page on scandalous past

  • pope-francis

    Church must not create selfish 'little monster' priests, Pope says

  • pope-francis

    Pope urges atheists to join with believers in quest for world peace