AMD Polaris 10 release date on June 1; hype intensifies as 3DMark scores show promising results

(Official Website)Fans are getting ready for June 1 when AMD Polaris 10 is revealed to the public.

AMD is now gearing up to unveil its upcoming graphics card, the Polaris 10, which is said to rival NVIDIA's GTX 1080 and 1070, on June 1 at Computex Tapei.

It has been reported that the big bosses of AMD will be present at the event, from CEO Lisa Lu down to Cheif Architect Raja Koduri. The Polaris 10 is reportedly going to deliver increased levels of performance and will be an ideal graphics card for those interested in venturing into virtual reality (VR). Furthermore, it will be able to support 4K resolution and cater to gamers who love to stream their gameplay videos because of its seamless streaming architecture, made possible by its 14 nm FinFet process.

AMD is specifically targetting the mainstream market for the Polaris 10, and with regard to how powerful this graphics card is, Videocardz has revealed that the Polaris 10 has 3DMark 11 scores. With this score, it is said that AMD Polaris 10 is less powerful than the GTX 1080 but more powerful than the GTX Titan. The rumored price tag, according to Game Debate could roughly be $649, which it labeled as the AMD R9 490 variant. Some may consider this to be a bit steep compared to the GTX 1080, which is priced at $599. On the other hand, some may object and speculate that since Videocardz did not specify what variant of the AMD Polaris 10 was tested, it can be noted that perhaps this is AMD's version of NVIDIA's GTX 1080 founders edition that is priced at $699. This means that probably AMD is still the ideal candidate for gamers that are tight on budget but still want to experience VR at $649.

Hopefully, the upcoming Computex Taipei event will provide more in-depth revelations regarding the Polaris 10 graphics card to enlighten users on which one is best suited for VR.

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