iPad Pro 2 release date, specs news: Apple teases specs with new video, tech experts reveal possible release dates

(Apple)Featured in the image is the first model of Apple's iPad Pro

Another Apple device is on the way. Rumored to be released sometime this year, the iPad Pro 2 is set to become a promising replacement for computers.

In a recent promotional video released by Apple, the iPad Pro 2 is being dubbed as a gadget that is "not even close to being a computer" because it is "better than a computer." The video showcases a few of the gadget's defining specs, with the voice-over saying, "It's actually faster than most laptops, has LTE like your phone, and a touch-screen you can write on."

The video has garnered over two million views as of writing.

According to TechRadar, the iPad Pro 2 design might be slimmer and lighter, and might not have a headphone port since this feature was removed from the iPhone 7. The media outlet also stated that the device might have water and dust resistance.

Rhoda Alexander, director of tablets and PCs at IHS Markit, told Forbes in a phone interview that the new iPad Pro design will come with a 10.5-inch display. DisplayMate Technologies president also said in an email to Forbes that releasing the device in this size is a good move for Apple because "the 9.7-inch display is too small and the chassis size on the 12.9-inch is too big."

Alexander also believes the new Apple product will be released around March or April this year. However, a report from Digitimes says that sources have told them the device is not coming until May or June.

As to what software the new device is going to be running on, it might be on the iOS 10 operating system if the new iPad Pro will be released early this year. However, if it's hitting the market close to the release of the iPhone 8, then it might run on iOS 11.

Apple has yet to make an official announcement regarding the complete specs, exact release date and pricing of the iPad Pro 2.


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