'Overwatch' news: Massive changes to 'Overwatch' characters expected; Blizzard Reveals plans for the months ahead

(YouTube/PlayOverwatch)A screenshot of the character Bastion from an "Overwatch" trailer.

The most recent patch released on Jan. 24 brought in some changes to "Overwatch" characters and even team compositions. Some its characters underwent some slight tweaks while others went through some major overhauls since the game was released in 2016. Now, Bastion might just be the one next on the line in the weeks to follow.

According to PCGamesn, "Overwatch" Principal Designer Geoff Goodman says that the team is still internally tweaking Bastion's skills, making him less vulnerable to attacks. Bastion is considered as one of the game's most neglected heroes since its release last May 2016. Goodman also reveals that Bastion will soon have the ability to use self-repair even while moving. The skill will also be interruptible when taking damage. These changes have turned his rarely used ability to a much more powerful survivability skill.

The next patch will also enable D.VA's defense radius that blocks bullets from the opponent's gun and will give her a more reliable tanking utility. However, her decreased armor can be a problem, making her much susceptible to damages.

Ana's grenade heals will also drop down to 50%, making it difficult for her team to survive burst damages and ult combos. As pointed out by Express, she is still considered as a key player in the game with her Nano Boost to turn the odds against the enemies. The team will also give Roadhog a new and improved look, with fans speculating that it may be an additional buff skill.

Even though the team does not have any plans to release any Valentine's Day event, some custom-game tweaks will make "Overwatch" even more exciting. Some of the changes to watch out for is the option to disable kicking characters for inactivity, ability to switch teams while in the lobby, options to change the lobby moderator, and enabling all chat options.

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