Android Marshmallow update released for Samsung Galaxy Note 4, S5 and Tab S2 on Verizon

(Twitter courtesy of Android)

Verizon has just announced that the latest Android Marshmallow operating system update has now been made available for some more Samsung devices.

Specifically, the devices that can now receive a new OS update from Verizon include the Galaxy Note 4, the S5 and the Tab S2.

Prior to downloading the latest OS update, Verizon has advised device owners to first make sure that their batteries are fully charged before starting the update. They should also connect to a Wi-Fi network or check to see that they have a strong wireless network connection.

Starting off with the Note 4, software version MMB29M.N910VVRU2CPD1 introduces some new features such as Now on Tap, a new addition that allows users to more easily gather information about certain topics, according to Verizon.

The new Doze feature that enables users to preserve their device's battery life is also being added to the Note 4. Device owners will also be able to make use of Wi-Fi calling to get in touch with their contacts.

New designs for the app icons and folders are also included in the latest software update.

Moving on now to what the latest Android Marshmallow update brings to the Galaxy S5, software version MMB29M.G900VVRU2DPD1 also adds the same Now on Tap, Doze and Wi-Fi calling features, while also bringing in the new app and folder designs, Verizon noted.

Last up are the new features coming to the Galaxy Tab S2 via the latest update, and software version MMB29K.T817VVRU2BPE1 will similarly add the Now on Tap and Doze features, according to Verizon.

A new drawing feature in Memo has also been added to the Tab S2 via the latest update for those who want to show off their more artistic tendencies. New animations and collages have also been introduced to Gallery for those who want to showcase their pictures in even more creative ways.

More news about the Android Marshmallow update being released for other devices should be made available in the near future.

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