Android Silver smartphone line to launch in February 2015?

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The Android Silver release date is said to be in February 2015. The tech industry will soon see another device at that time with LG coming first with its Android Silver, and Samsung following with Samsung Silver Shine.

Reliable pre-launch information giver @evleaks said this will possibly happen as he revealed that rumors about a Nexus 6 were just false. Google is set to go for the Android Silver program instead of the Nexus program, from 2015 onwards.

Instead of a Nexus 6, LG is set to manufacture the Android Silver device. Evleaks tweeted that the Qualcomm MSM8994-powered LG device will be among the pilot Silver devices.

LG posing as Google's maker of its devices is not new, as the Korean manufacturer also produced the Nexus 4 and Nexus 5. It is expected that LG will not be the sole producer of an Android Silver as Samsung is already lining up for its Silver Shine to join the Android Silver offering.

As early as now, it is already rumored that the Samsung Silver Shine, which possibly is Samsung's name for its Android Silver device, will come shortly after LG releases Android Silver. There was a trademark leak of Samsung Silver Shine having the serial number 86259975.

There are anticipations that Google's Android Silver will offer premium devices, apart from budget devices of the Nexus program. While Samsung is setting itself for the Galaxy S5 Prime launch, there is some possibilities that Samsung's S5 Prime or Note 4 Prime are indeed the South Korean's Android Silver offering.

Google I/O is already set for June 25 and 26, and if the Android Silver program will indeed go forward, it might be announced at the San Francisco event.

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