'Criminal Minds' season 11 episode 12 spoilers: BAU heads to Boston to find an UnSub targeting people using a ride-share service; Dr. Lewis returns to help the team

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"Criminal Minds" season 11 wrapped up one story arc in its midseason premiere. Unfortunately, there's no rest for the wicked and the BAU is once again called to investigate a series of murders in the Boston area.

A synopsis for the upcoming 12th episode hints at something gruesome happening in Boston when bodies have been discovered in public places throughout the city. The BAU is faced with a new challenge as the UnSub appears to be using a taxi or ride-share service to choose his or her victims.

That much was also heavily implied in the trailer for "Drive." The clip starts with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) and Morgan (Shemar Moore) arriving at the crime scene, followed by a shot of JJ (A.J Cook) and Rossi (Joe Mantegna) at the morgue. JJ observes that the cut on the victim was clean and surgical. Viewers are shown the blade of a guillotine falling before the scene cuts to the BAU giving their profile. Interestingly, Dr. Lewis (Aisha Tyler) is seen standing and giving the profile with them. Rossi explains that the UnSub might be a ride-share driver and that the victims could have been chosen based on secrets they shared. A man is shown talking on the phone while at the back of a taxi and is later seen gagged and tied. The clip ends with the UnSub placing a woman in a guillotine. A voice is then heard saying "it's time for you to join the others."

The return of Dr. Lewis is a welcome one as the forensic psychologist has shown great chemistry with the close-knit team. While the role is just a recurring one, it's good that the writers were able to find a way to ensure Dr. Lewis can always return to the BAU.

The show's newest season has seen some incredible casting coup, like "NCIS" alum Marisol Nichols and "Parks and Recreation's" Aubrey Plaza, who played Reid's date in episode 11. Plaza's character, the infamous Ms. 45, went on a blind date with Reid and was promptly revealed to be a member of the "Dirty Dozen."

Luckily for the BAU, Reid was up to the task and was able to outwit the assassin, which led to her and the "Dirty Dozen's" arrest. While fans are happy with the outcome, it also raises questions as to whether this particular story arc is over or will the shadowy group resurface once more.

Episode 12 of "Criminal Minds" season 11 will be aired on Jan. 20.

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