'Despicable Me 3' release date update: Gru meets his more successful twin brother Dru

Everyone's favorite anti-hero Gru is returning for a third installment in the "Despicable Me" film series. This time, the blockbuster hit will introduce a new character, his twin brother Dru.

(Facebook/Despicable Me)"Despicable Me 3" to introduce Dru

Based on the trailer, a nefarious thief called Balthazar Bratt (Trey Parker) now tops the ranks of criminals and is the talk of the town. The teaser opens with Gru (voiced by Steve Carell) checking the newspaper with Bratt's latest criminal activity as the headline. Not only does he find out that he is being overtaken by a thief, but he also meets his estranged twin brother Dru (also voiced by Steve Carell), who will make him rethink about his decision to lay low.

Aside from Dru's full head of blonde hair, his mansion, and his impressive car collection, without a doubt, he is the more successful twin. But not only is he a wealthier man, he appears to be a better villain.

Raising three adorable girls is why Gru's career as a villain is going on a downward spiral. After he adopted Edith (Dana Gaier), Margo (Miranda Cosgrove), and Agnes (Nev Scharrel), Gru went off the radar to raise them. Viewers can expect to see the girls return in "Despicable Me 3." In addition, the forthcoming film will see Kristen Wiig return as Gru's wife Lucy Wilde.

Agnes' original voice actress, Elsie Fisher, will not be reprising her role. She has been replaced with Nev Scharrel because she has grown a bit too old to voice the young kid. To note, the first "Despicable Me" made its debut six years ago, in 2010.

The third installment in the "Despicable Me" series will debut in theaters in the U.S. and in the U.K. on June 30. Meanwhile, countries such as Australia, the Philippines, and Singapore will get to see the film two weeks before.

More updates should roll out in the weeks to come. 

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