'Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2' DLC, updates: DLC to feature new playable characters, including Champa and Vados

The second expansion pack for "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" has yet to be released. Little is known about the downloadable content (DLC), and fans are growing eager by the day, though the expansion is not expected to launch anytime soon.

(Steam/Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2)"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2" second DLC to feature Champa and Vados

According to reports, the upcoming expansion will feature a number of playable characters, including Zamasu, Goku Black, Super Saiyan Rose, Champa, and Vados. Japanese magazine V Jump reportedly confirmed that Whis, Champa, and Vados will be present in the second DLC. To add, reports say that players will even be able to use Whis' Symphonic Destruction attack in the DLC.

"Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2," which was launched in October last year, is the second installment in the game series, following "Dragon Ball Xenoverse," which debuted in February 2015. The titles are now available worldwide on multiple platforms. In Japan, however, "Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2," was only launched on PS4 consoles.

The first DLC for the second title was released just last December. Although it hasn't been a month since its launching, gamers are now clamoring for the next expansion. Despite the increasing demand for an update, there has been no official word about the DLC from Bandai Namco.

iTechPost suspects that the developers will launch the expansion this coming February. So far, there are conflicting reports about the release date and the expected time for promotions. Some say that the game will be available next month, while others maintain that the unveiling will only be done next month and a later premiere date should be expected. Furthermore, reports say that details about "Dragon Ball Xenoverse" 2 will be launched before or after the "Dragon Ball Super" English-dubbed episode airs on Toonami.

The recent claims have yet to be confirmed by Bandai Namco; hence, gamers should treat the latest reports as speculation until proven otherwise.

If the rumors are true, more updates will roll out in the weeks to come. 

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