'Fairy Tail' chapter 522 spoilers, latest updates: Will Zeref kill Gray in the next chapter?

(Twitter/ Hiro Mashima)Shown in photo is Natsu of "Fairy Tail"

"Fairy Tale" creator Hiro Mashima recently released new chapters for the manga counterpart of the TV animation and followers of the anime can expect more intense developments to include the potential death of Gray when he faces off with Zeref in chapter 522. In eliminating Gray, Zeref hopes to remove all possible hindrances that prevent him from taking the Fairy Heart.

report mentioned that Zeref, Natsu's long lost brother, will whisper an uncalled apology to Natsu for what he plans to do with Gray. Zeref might possibly end up killing Gray and he may not return from the dead anymore. Gray is known to be lucky enough to have escaped death several times in the past, but this would seem like his last fight will be with Zeref. Gray previously died in the Grand Magic Games Arc but was brought back to life when Ultear casted his time reversal magic.

Unfortunately, Gray was severely wounded in the previous chapter. This may work greatly to his disadvantage when he finally comes face to face with Zeref.

The fight between the two is expected to be heated and it is possible that Zeref might injure Gray badly. However, it is said that while Gray's attacks may have an intense impact on Zeref, he will not be able to damage his trump card. In the event Gray decides to use his Iced Shell to maim Zeref, it is still highly likely that he will die in the process as it would entail sacrificing himself in order for the magic to work. This time around, even Wendy will not be able to save him.

Meanwhile, fans will witness a fight between Gildarts and August in "Fairy Tail" chapter 523. It is believed that the battle will finally reveal who is the strongest between the two. Gildarts' timely arrival will prevent August from wrecking havoc and fully destroying the Kingdom.

"Fairy Tail" chapter 522 is expected to come out on Wednesday, Feb. 22.


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