'God of War' PS4 new features: More storyline details recently shared; name of Kratos' son to be revealed soon

(Facebook courtesy of God of War)No release date currently set for upcoming 'God of War' PS4 game

Fans still don't know a lot about the upcoming "God of War" PS4 game, particularly when it comes to the new storyline players will be able to go through, though director Cory Barlog has recently shared some interesting details.

Over on Twitter, Barlog has been responding to queries from fans of the series recently, and among those questions he answered is one wondering about Kratos' past.

Specifically, Barlog was asked if Kratos will still continue to have visions in the upcoming game and whether he will retain the memories he accumulated throughout his previous journeys.

According to Barlog, Kratos will indeed continue to be haunted by his troubled past, adding that the mighty warrior will simply need to learn to deal with these as he attempts to start a whole new life.

Speaking of Kratos' new life, fans already know that the man known for his rage-filled outbursts will now be accompanied by his son in the upcoming game, but they have yet to learn the name of this child.

The good news is that they may be able learn about the name of Kratos' son even before the game itself is released.

Again on Twitter, Barlog shared that he will reveal the name of Kratos' son, though it is worth noting that he has still yet to settle on what it will be. It's also still unclear exactly what role Kratos' son will play in the upcoming game, so hopefully for players, that will be revealed along with his name.

Unfortunately, it may be a while before players learn more details about the other aspects of the upcoming "God of War" PS4 game, especially with no release window set just yet, though with big changes coming to the series, fans will likely be willing to endure the extended wait.

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