GoPro Hero 5 news, rumors: can new action camera reverse decline in sales?


During the recently concluded 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, GoPro once again confirmed that they are currently developing the Karma drone. The impending release of the company's first drone also sparked rumors regarding the possible release of the Hero 5 extreme action camera.

The latest rumors indicate that the Hero 5 would have smaller dimensions that would allow it to fit inside the Karma drone. This means that it would also be significantly smaller and lighter than its predecessor, the Hero 4 action camera.

Like other GoPro cameras, the Hero 5 will be able to capture images and videos underwater. It is also being speculated that the Hero 5 will be able to go down to depths as low as 60 meters. This revelation would be impressive given that the Hero 4 only does down to 20 meters. The Hero 5's ability to perform at extreme depths may be aided by the development of a new special camera housing.

The GoPro Hero 5 is also rumored to be capable of recording 8K videos. It seems that GoPro may be adapting to current trends in technology and with more and more electronic companies releasing devices capable of 4K and 8K resolutions.

Though anticipation for GoPro's future releases remain high, unfortunately, the company recently revealed their disappointing 2015 Q4 financial results that has led to a drop in investors' shares. Shares once worth $94 are now currently middling at $11-12.

GoPro admitted that they had difficulty meeting sales targets and would miss revenue projections by 14 percent. Problems are believed to be due to the low sales of the recently released Hero4 Session camera. The palm-sized camera had mixed reviews and was deemed too expensive at $299. GoPro eventually slashed prices down to $199.

With investors' morale and confidence slowly declining, will the impending release of the Karma drone and Hero5 action camera be able to bring the company back up? Hopefully, GoPro releases the Karma drone and the Hero 5 camera this year to boost sales once more.

GoPro has not made any announcements regarding the development or release of the Hero5 action camera. Thus, news regarding the upcoming camera remains speculative. Stay tuned for the latest news and updates.

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