'Grimm' season 5: show gets new cast member with Carlson Young coming on board

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The fifth season of "Grimm" is due to debut in just little over two months and already, details about its return have surfaced.

While teasers for the show have been highly speculative in the last couple of months, it seems like the recent plot and casting news are the real deal as they come from none other than the cast and crew of the show themselves. And if the spoilers are any indication, season five would be nothing short of exciting.

"Grimm," which first debuted in 2011, is a police fantasy drama television series broadcasted on Fox, inspired by the fairy tales of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, otherwise known as the "Grimm's Fairy tales." The series follows Nick Burkhardt, a Portland Police detective, as he comes to terms with the discovery that mythological creatures called Wesen are real and his belonging to the Grimm's blood line would require him to keep the balance between Wesens and humans.

Season four ended with a massive shift in the dynamics of the characters with Juliette dying and Nick finding out that Adalind is carrying his child. Thankfully, Jim Kouf, one of the show's executive producers, revealed in a report by Inquisitr that the fifth season would see the new parent dealing with their relationship and their newborn.

"Nick makes it to the hospital just in time as Adalind is in labor with their child. As if Nick and Adalind's relationship wasn't tumultuous enough, the new baby has complications during birth that threaten Adalind's life," he said.

While plot teasers are exciting enough, recently, it was confirmed through the show's official Twitter page that 24-year-old actress, Carlson Young, would be joining the cast of "Grimm." She will be playing Selina Golias.

"*woges in excitement* Welcome to the #Grimm family, @FollowCarlson!" read the tweet.

"Grimm" season five would premiere on Oct. 30 2015 on NBC.

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