'Grimm' season 5 spoilers: star David Giuntoli's saving grace will be child with Adalind; return to Wesen roots for the show

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At the end of "Grimm's" fourth season, Portland detective Nick Burkhardt suffered horrendous losses, leading fans to wonder how the loss of both his mother and the woman he loves would affect the Grimm.

If his interview with "Access Hollywood" is any indication, Portland's resident Grimm is headed for an intense and dark time.

According to star David Giuntoli, who plays Nick, the character is "out for revenge and he's trying to figure out who wronged him."

The show will also move on from Juliette's demise and will allegedly go back to its Wesen roots, something that Giuntoli confirmed.

"There's a reboot this year! A little bit of a reboot, get ready for THAT, America!" the star gleefully states. "Wrap your head around the reboot."

But there is still a bright light in Nick's life, something that will hold him back from the darkness—his child with erstwhile nemesis Adalind. It is a bit hard to picture right now, but the two will reportedly learn to co-parent their hybrid Grimm/Hexenbiest child.

Claire Coffee's character, Adalind, will start the season a changed woman, but whether that is good or bad still remains to be seen.  Coffee explains that her character's perspective has changed especially since she lost her powers and the "baby is all she's got again in the world."

The rest of the "Grimm" team will also experience some fall-out from what happened to Juliette and the Royals. Rosalee will reportedly be facing some of her demons this season and some of those past skeletons will test her marriage to Monroe.

The group will also be facing some revolutionary-type Wesens this year. Executive producer David Greenwalt has previously mentioned that "this year is going to be the rise of the Wesen." Now he is also promising a return to "the mythology of season one."

And one mythology the show is preparing to tackle is the Loch Ness monster and the mystery of the seven keys.

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