'GTA 5 Online' guide: How to buy and sell properties

Gamers are now raving about the latest real estate features in the world of "Grand Theft Auto." Players are resorting to buying and selling properties to boost their status, wealth, and overall fun in "Grand Theft Auto 5 Online."

(Facebook/GTA V)"Grand Theft Auto 5 Online" has new real estate features. 

Once players achieve at least a level 5, property ownership will be an available option to "GTA Online" gamers. With this achievement unlocked, players can purchase buildings and other prospective locations. With the latest High Life update, players can even own two properties simultaneously. For players who have the Festive Surprise DLC, three properties can be owned at one time. Meanwhile, the Executives and other Criminals DLC allows players to own five properties, which consequently allows players to own more vehicles, yachts, cars, bikes, and more.

To purchase a property, gamers should choose a white wireframe web key on the player's smartphone. Once this has been accessed, players should proceed to Dynasty 8 and then the View Property Listing option. To access the roster of real estate properties, viewers should check the icon found on the right side of the Dynasty 8 button. Meanwhile, the opposite side will show the information one needs to know about the properties that are available, such as price details.

The map will show the areas of Blaine Country and Los Angeles, as well as the hang-out spots that are available. The options will be categorized according to location and cost. Gamers will notice that garages cost less than residential properties. Since these are mainly for the storage of vehicles and don't have the amenities of a regular house, they cost less.

In terms of selling, gamers always have to replace the property they intend to sell with another property. Hence, gamers are obligated to buy a new property if they decide to sell one. This rule is why it's important for players to consider what they need before they decide to buy them. On the other hand, instead of buying a new lavish pad, players can always choose a cheaper alternative such as a garage.

More news and updates on "Grand Theft Auto" should arrive soon.

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