'Hart Of Dixie' season 4 episode 6 spoilers: Zoe and Wade have cold feed over parenthood, romance may blossom between George and Annabeth


In episode five titled "Bar-Be-Q-Burritos", a pregnant Zoe and Wade realized the importance of money in their lives in order to secure their future family's financial future. Wade lies about how great Rammer Jammer is doing well in order to keep Zoe from getting stressed. Wade tries to be a responsible husband and hosts a surprise musical performance at the restaurant in order to attract customers.

However, despite Wade and Zoe's efforts to be good parents, in episode six they realize they are not ready for parenthood. Spoilers Guide released the official synopsis of the episode titled "Alabama Boys" and the pair realize parenthood isn't their cup of tea after learning the gender of the unborn child. In other news, BlueBell can host the state football championship but only if they partner up with the rival town of Filmore. This will force Lavon to face his nemesis, the Mayor of Filmore. Will Lavon step up?

Lemon convinces Lavon to talk to the mayor but it isn't possible without Annabeth's help. In the promotional video George seems interested in Annabeth, does that mean the audience can expect a blossoming romance between the two? That would certainly be an exciting storyline, should that happen. Also, Brick gets a surprise from his past that will rattle and shock him, according to TV Guide. Who could this person be? And what news does this person from the past bring?

It may be a relief to some fans that Zoe and Wade have finally realized they aren't quiet cut out to be parents. Additionally, it seems Lemon and Lavon are having a more difficult time moving on than they thought. In the last episode the pair bumped into each other at Dingles Hoedown and realized moving on is harder than it seems. Moreover, it is still unclear if this is the last season of "Hart Of Dixie"

Episode six of season four airs on Feb. 20 on CW at 8 p.m. EST.

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