'Hunter x Hunter' chapter 360 spoilers: Kurapika to break the cover of the expedition killer?

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The upcoming chapter of "Hunter x Hunter" promises chills and some mysterious puzzle-solving for Kurapika as his chains will try to uncover the identity of the creature that took the lives of some people on their way to the Dark Continent.

In chapter 359, a guard was found dead in the bathroom and his body showed a number of holes. It seems his blood has also been drained out, which could have been the cause of death. While some people on board still do not know about the incident, four other bodies were discovered with the same multiple holes on their corpses.

Kurapika already seemed to feel an unusual aura but he thought it was just some sort of an imagination. Sportsrageous says Kurapika will start asking the guards about what they saw since he feels one of them is lying.

When "Hunter x Hunter" chapter 360 arrives, fans will see Kurapika using the power of his chain jail to find out if the guards are not telling him the entire truth about the deaths.

HOF Mag further notes that while Kurapika will have a hard time sensing the aura of the guards, he will ask about the incidents, his convictions are strong regarding a Nen user involved in the unfortunate deaths of the other guards.

The outlet also says there is another possibility regarding the identity of the murderer. It could be true that a Nen user is involved but it could also be a Dark Continent Beast, who may have camouflaged himself among other humans on the trip.

This predicted Dark Continent Beast may have transformed himself into a human so he can perform the killings, similar to the monkey-like creature who transformed himself and deceived the examinees.

If a Dark Continent Beast is indeed responsible for the murders, Kurapika will have to concentrate on using his chain jail to make sure he will be able to catch the real culprit and save other passengers from potential harm.

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