'Hunter X Hunter' chapter 361 update: Anticipated chapter to be released in February next year

(Facebook/Hunter X Hunter)"Hunter X Hunter" is said to resume in February next year.

After "Hunter X Hunter" returned from a long hiatus last April, the manga series goes on a break one more time, and fans of the said manga title can only wonder when its chapter 361 will be released.

According to reports, "Hunter X Hunter" has currently been put on hold indefinitely, still for the same reason: the health condition of its creator Yoshihiro Togashi.

To the uninitiated, Togashi also took the much-needed rest in the past due to his recurring back pains, leaving the readers of "Hunter X Hunter" in limbo for more than a year as his health condition, persistent back pain, specifically, could not permit him to work on the manga series.

With the recurring health problems of Togashi, it was even thought that the series will employ the expertise of other writers to get the series going. However, reportedly, it dawned on the "Hunter X Hunter" team that no other than Togashi could better write and illustrate the series the way he does.

As the manga series gets into a new period of hiatus, fans of the series can only wonder where the events in the previous chapter will lead. Many fans are already anticipating that the upcoming chapter 361 of "Hunter X Hunter" will reveal the identity of the real killer.

Apart from leaving the fans wondering, this unexpected new break of the manga series has also given rise to various rumors and speculations. According to reports, some "Hunter X Hunter" fans have already accepted the fact that the anticipated chapter 361 of "Hunter X Hunter" may be released two years from now, while others believe that it will just end with the events in its last chapter.

Meanwhile, there is another rumor saying that "Hunter X Hunter" chapter 361 might be released in February next year. However, it remains unclear if it will still be the work of the original writer himself or the new writers as greenlighted by Togashi himself.

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