iOS 10 jailbreak release date, features, news, rumors: Pangu backs off due to enhanced security?

(Apple)Has Pangu given up on jailbreaking the iOS 10?

Following the release of Apple's iOS 10, many fans expected that Pangu would soon come out with the highly anticipated jailbreak version of the operating system, but weeks have passed and the jailbreak remains in limbo.

Neurogadget suggests that the iOS 10.0.1 update, which purportedly came with improved security measures, could be hindering the infamous hacking team from producing the jail-broken edition that many fans have been waiting for. Aside from the said update, another one followed shortly, the iOS 10.0.2, which further put a stop to Pangu's attempts to hopefully break through Apple's system for the nth time.

As fans know, Pangu is known for constantly coming up with jailbreak versions of the technology giant's previous operating systems, giving consumers the idea that Apple's security systems may no longer be safe since hackers are able to infiltrate and break the codes which are supposed to close down any hacking attempts.

It is speculated that Apple has already rolled out the second drop of the upcoming iOS 10.1 update for developers to look into and it is strongly believed that there will be additional and much stronger security features packed into this update.

As of writing, Pangu has not yet addressed the issues about the iOS 10 jailbreak version's release date and why it was delayed. Usually, the hacking group would unleash their jailbreak adaptation within a few days or weeks after Apple releases a new OS.

One of the most talked about reports about Pangu's silence these days regarding the iOS 10 is the alleged enhanced security feature that Apple secretly included in the iOS 10.0.2 update, which is supposedly for the resolution of headphone problems and the crashing issues that some apps have when they're opened.

While Apple has not responded to the rumors, some analysts believe that the latest update definitely came with a secret code that actually strengthens the operating system even more, which is bad news for Pangu if it happens to be true.

Stay tuned for more updates on Pangu's iOS 10 jailbreak journey.

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