iPad Air 3 release date, specs rumors: Concept video shows tablet has Apple Pencil support and Smart Connector


The iPad Air 3 was absent from the lineup of devices showcased during Apple's March event. This got Apple fans wondering when this anticipated tablet will launch and become available. But various rumors suggest that the iPad Air 3 could be released late this year and will have improved specs and features.

At the recent keynote event in March, many people expected Apple to release a new iPad Air model, but instead the iPad Pro 9.7 was introduced. The two devices are similar in size, which led some Apple fans to believe that the release of the Pro 9.7 marks the end of the iPad Air family.

But somehow, rumors about an iPad Air 3 continue to swirl. When it comes to specs, the device is said to carry the same screen size as its predecessor, 9.7 inches, coupled with a 2048 x 1536 screen resolution. It's also expected that the iPad Air 3 will run on either an A10 or A10X processor for impressive overall performance.

Recently, a concept video for iPad Air 3 by Geert van Uffelen has been released and the device is nothing but impressive. If this concept is realized, it's likely that the device will be well-loved.

As seen in the video, there is no protrusion in the area where the camera lens is. The device also supports Apple Pencil and has a 3D Touch display. The concept also imagines the Air 3 to have a Smart Connector and a great set of speakers. Generally, the iPad Air 3 has all the notable specs cramped up inside a portable device.

Even with this concept, speculations are still rife that Apple will soon discontinue the iPad Air to give more focus on developing the iPad Pro series. But since the iPad Pro can carry a hefty price tag, there's a possibility that Apple might just continue with the iPad Air 3 after all. What Apple plans for their tablet lineup remains to be seen so it's best to take these reports with a pinch of salt until the company makes the official announcement.

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