iPad Air 3 release date, news: Apple tablet could arrive in March with several new updates

(PHOTO: Apple Inc.)iPad Air 3 could have several new updates compared to the previous version

The iPad Air 3 has been predicted to arrive in 2016 and as the year kicks off, all attention has been focused on the reasons why the device did not make an appearance last year and when it could be expected. Now, as rumors about the tablet continue to circulate, speculation has grown that it would be released sometime in March and come with huge changes.

Commenting on the changes that could be expected on the iPad Air 3, The Motley Fool states that a substantial update of the device could be on the way. Among the improvements that could be expected to land with the iPad Air 3 is a brand new design, possibly 3D Touch included in its display and support for the Apple Pencil.

Importantly, since the iPad Mini lineup was updated last year with the iPad Mini 4, many expect Apple to significantly upgrade the chipset on the iPad Air 3 so that it's superior to the smaller tablet. This could mean that the iPad Air 3 will land with the A9X chipset onboard, which will give it a big boost in terms of processing power.

As for the presence of 3D Touch, Apple is rumored to have encountered problems recreating the technology on the bigger screen of the iPad Air 3. Therefore, it seems that the company is developing similar Force Touch technology for the device. It could skip the iPad Air 3 and only release in the following version of the tablet. While this has not been confirmed by Apple, many are hoping that the company will include 3D Touch on the iPad Air 3 as it was warmly received on the iPhone lineup.

Finally, whatever features that arrive with the iPad Air 3, they will have to be significant to warrant the delay of its arrival. Also, the features will have to drive the sales of the device higher as it has been faltering over the past few years.

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