'Iron Man 4' spoilers, plot rumors: Tony Stark dies to prepare entry of new female lead?

(Facebook/IronMan)'Iron Man 4' is rumored to be the last fans will see Robert Downey Jr. in the suit

For the past few months, talk of an "Iron Man 4" has once again gained momentum, especially after it was revealed that a new female Iron Man will grace the comic books. However, there is no official word yet if this female lead will also be seen in the fourth "Iron Man" film.

Recent reports are now suggesting that Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark might be killed off in "Spider-Man 3: Homecoming," to pave the way for an introduction to Riri Williams, the new comic books Iron Man who has yet to be accepted into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Nobody else has played the iconic role of Iron Man save for Downey, and reports pointing to his retirement have stirred debates among fan forums and social media sites. Many still believe that Downey can take on another movie but it seems that he has not yet settled on a deal with Marvel, which is why there is no word yet on "Iron Man 4."

While there is a possibility that Downey's Tony Stark will be replaced by young Riri, it is worth noting that Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios don't always have to go with the storylines provided by the other.

In "Captain America: Civil War," Stark mentioned something about his search for a genius scholar who is at M.I.T. Rumor has it that the young genius Stark is looking for is actually Riri. This could probably be an indirect tease of the potential introduction of Riri to the MCU.

The rumors got even stronger after new reports predicted that Stark will see his demise in "Spider-Man 3: Homecoming." This is of course a possibility, but based on the way the MCU has passed down superhero legacies and batons, it will be much more accepted by fans if Stark won't be killed off and instead will continue to guide Riri throughout her reign as the next Iron Man.

Will Riri be the star in "Iron Man 4?" If yes, which actress will play the role? Stay tuned for more updates.

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