Law and Order SVU season 16 spoilers: Olivia Benson gets through tough changes

(Source: NBC)

The long-running crime drama has been renewed for a 16th season and one of the main characters will have tough times ahead.

One of the show's producers talked to Access Hollywood and revealed a challenging future for one of the main characters, Olivia Benson (played by Marissa Hartigay). Season 15 ended with Marissa being a new mother, and how she will adjust in the new season will play a huge factor in all elements of her character.

"Benson has a very big, life-changing event take place for her, which I think is gonna last for a while," said Raul Esparza to Access Hollywood just before season 15 ended.

"She might make some choices that are really gonna change her life," added Esparza.

Another producer gave light on the other characters' roles in season 16, particularly Amaro's. Warren Leight talked to TV Guide to reveal what awaits Amaro (Danny Pino), and it looks like fans will have to wait a little while before he is seen again.

"Season 16 does not start him off on the SVU squad," said Leight to TV Guide. Amaro is tasked to do another job, a far cry from his role in the SVU squad.

"He's been sent to the bowels of Queens to do traffic stops," further explained Leight.

The first episode of season 16 just wrapped up shooting and a title 'Girls Disappeared' has been set.

Law & Order: SVU season 16 will premiere on September 24 later this year.

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