Microsoft Surface Phone release date, specs, rumors: exquisite design and build quality in new Windows 10 concept

Even as rumors about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet continue to fly thick and fast, there are speculations that a Surface Phone powered by Windows 10 could be released in the near future. Microsoft's Windows 10 aims to resolve the present shortcomings in the user interface as well as unify the Windows, Windows Phone, and Windows Embedded product families around a common internal core.

(Nadir Aslam)

The Surface Pro is considered to be the ultimate laptop/hybrid tablet and had received the "best tablet" award at the Mobile World Congress earlier this month. There have been rumors that the next Surface Pro 4 would be a laptop-tablet hybrid and mark a huge leap from the current Surface Pro 3. Earlier media reports had claimed that since the Surface Pro 4 would run Windows 10 out of the box, the two-in-one machine was unlikely to hit the market until October, as Microsoft would officially launch its new operating system by around that time.

Microsoft has already promised new flagship phones, which will debut around the time Windows 10 is launched. Since Windows 10 aims to tie phones, tablets and PCs, the launch of a Surface phone running Windows 10 would complete the list of devices running on Microsoft's new operating system.

Designer Nadir Aslam has now come up with a brilliant new Surface Phone concept with an exquisite design and build quality. The images of the concept design show the Microsoft Surface Phone to be made of a strong and light magnesium alloy (VaporMg) with the premium material making the device appear very attractive, strong and durable. The Microsoft Surface Phone has been shown to feature a built-in kickstand, similar to the Surface Pro tablets, so that users can place the phone on the desk or any flat surface with the stand to watch videos or enjoy video calls with friends and family.

The Microsoft Surface Phone is speculated to feature a 5.7-inch Full HD display along with a Surface Pen and a Touch cover accessory. The device is expected to be powered by an Intel chipset, which will provide sufficient power to multitask easily. The Microsoft Surface Phone's connectivity features include LTE, Bluetooth, NFC, and a micro HDMI connector, which can be used to hook up the phone to a bigger display and enjoy a full PC experience.

Microsoft is yet to confirm if and when the two rumored devices - the Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Phone - will be released.


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