'Mortal Kombat X' news: will there be a 'Kombat Pack 2' after all?

(Twitter, @MKX2015)

While new game titles have been popping up with their new expansion packs or DLCs, there is still no news about the second pack  of multiple downloadable contents for "Mortal Kombat X."

According to Christian Today, the long-running franchise has released a minimum of 15 downloadable contents (DLCs) for "Mortal Kombat X" alone — with the latest DLC adding Tremor as a playable character. The Ninja made his first appearance in "Mortal Kombat: Special Forces" and has joined the Kombatants in the new installment.

While NetherRealm Studios, the company behind the game, stated that the latest DLC would be the last for Kombat Pack 1, fans are still hoping for possible new installments in the future.

VCpost was also quick in pointing out that since NetherRealm Studios referenced the latest upgrade as "Kombat Pack 1" in a recent livestream, then there might be a possibility for a "Kombat Pack 2" in the future.

Game Director of "Mortal Kombat X," Ed Boon, has since been teasing fans on Twitter about the possibilities of another installment of "Mortal Kombat X."

A fan tweeted Boon last July 20, "@ninjapunk13 @noobde will there be a Kombat Kast?" to which Boon replied, "Yes, tomorrow there is a Kombat Kast !! pic.twitter.com/YqFARm36fa."

As for the story mode of "Mortal Kombat X," a fan asked him, "@LazyEyedJ @noobde So Ed are you secretly gonna patch in the NPC's from story to make them playable?" And Boon answered with, "U mean like a "Story Pack?"

A couple of months earlier, it was announced that "Mortal Kombat X" for previous consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 would be delayed and might be released in the fall of 2015 instead of the intended summer release date.

Some companies, like Gamestop, have also moved their expected arrival date of the game to the end of 2015.

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