'One Piece' chapter 839 spoilers, plot: Shanks crashes the wedding?

(Facebook/One Piece)Will Shanks really arrive in Whole Cake Island when "One Piece" chapter 839 rolls out?

Fans of "One Piece" are getting more and more impatient to see how the battle between Charlotte Cracker and Monkey D. Luffy turns out as chapter 838 was released without Luffy defeating the man of a thousand arms.

As seen in the previous chapter, Luffy was surprised to see that he has not yet defeated Cracker after another warrior emerged to fight him. While Cracker apparently got hit hard with Luffy's Gear Fourth attack, it's getting clearer that he will not go down without giving Luffy a big fight.

Meanwhile, spoilers for "One Piece" chapter 839 suggest that Shanks and his crew will make a very big appearance soon. Some fans believe that Shanks' image in the previous chapter's cover could be hinting that he will come to assist Luffy in getting Sanji out of the sham wedding with Charlotte Pudding.

On the other hand, some have come up with a theory that Shanks may become Pudding's groom in the end instead of Sanji. There is a possibility to this theory, given that Shanks has made great entrances in the past in some of the most unexpected scenarios.

It could be that Shanks will appear in some sort of a disguise, takes Sanji out of the room where he's locked up, dresses up as Sanji, walks the aisle in Sanji's wedding outfit and finally starts a commotion while Sanji makes his escape with the Straw Hats.

While this is a very interesting scene to see, it won't be possible if Luffy first doesn't defeat Cracker. It would be almost impossible to watch the big wedding crashed without Luffy in tow when "One Piece" chapter 839 arrives.

As for Brook and Pedro, it seems that they will also have to rely on Luffy to arrive in the wedding's venue so they can execute their plans of infiltrating Big Mom's territory and finally stealing the Road Poneglyph.

Will Shanks arrive to crash the wedding or will Luffy do the honor of saving his good friend? Stay tuned for more updates on "One Piece" chapter 839.

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