'One Piece' chapter 843 spoilers and predictions: Reiju helps Sanji escape?

(FACEBOOK/One Piece Official)Will Reiju be able to help her brother, Sanji, pull off a successful escape from Whole Cake Island?

Following the action-packed chapter 842 of "One Piece," fans should prepare themselves for a whole new adventure as Luffy and the other Straw Hats proceed towards Sanji's wedding ceremonies in chapter 843.

While the upcoming chapter may finally see the Vinsmoke-Charlotte wedding taking place, rumor has it that Sanji will escape and reunite with his friends so they can keep sailing the seas.

However, things won't be easy for Sanji, who is heavily guarded by his father Jajji Vinsmoke's soldiers. Aside from the tight security around the perimeter, Sanji is still recovering from the beating that he received from his brothers. Fortunately, fans saw the love and care that Reiju has for Sanji in "One Piece" chapter 842. She went on to treat Sanji's wounds and gave him a mask that would cover up his badly beaten face.

Due to Reiju's constant display of genuine affection for her brother, there are reports suggesting that she might turn her back on Jajji and the other Vinsmokes just so she can help Sanji regain the freedom he once had with the Straw Hats.

If Reiju decides to help Sanji escape in "One Piece" chapter 843, fans can expect a lot of trouble ahead for the siblings. Not only will Sanji potentially have to sacrifice Reiju so he can escape, but Reiju might even give herself up to death to save him.

It is further speculated that Sanji will use his mask to pull off a successful and cunning break-out that will surprise his clan and also the Charlottes. Reiju might still be of help but the mask can play a huge role in opening the doors to Sanji's freedom.

Meanwhile, other rumors point to a brewing battle between the Vinsmokes and the Charlottes in "One Piece" chapter 843. Pudding will allegedly want her freedom back as well. Pudding's refusal to tie the knot as well as Sanji's purported escape could lead to tension between the two massive clans.

If a Vinsmoke-Charlotte battle ensues, the Straw Hats may grab the opportunity to get out of Whole Cake Island with Sanji in tow.

"One Piece" chapter 843 is expected to be out sometime next week.

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