'One Punch Man' season 2 spoilers, news: Series creator Murata Yusuke working on second season; Amai Mask to likely be new nemesis

(YouTube/Ainio)Screenshot from the anime 'One Punch Man'

As the "One Punch Man" anime series finished its first season a few weeks ago, viewers were already turning towards the plot that would be featured in the second season of the show. Meanwhile, those who are interested in checking out more action from the series can opt to see the original video animations (OVA) that will be released throughout this month.

In the world of anime, "One Punch Man" is not something new as it is another offering that has been adapted from a popular webcomic. However, the anime's popularity has quickly overshadowed its digital Manga remake and webcomic, and during its first season, it attracted a number of devoted fans.

Even as the show concluded its first season on Dec. 20, 2015, it was clear that many were anticipating the arrival of the second season. As for the plot in the second season, TheBitBag states that the creator of the series, Murata Yusuke, has indicated that he is already working on it.

If rumors are true, then the plot for the second season is expected to directly focus on the events that took place after the last episode, which was titled "The Strongest Hero." In that particular episode, Lord Boros managed to counteract the punches released by Saitama because of his regenerative powers. This resulted in the fight drawing out, until finally, Saitama clobbered Boros into dust with his most powerful punch, which was labeled "serious punch." During that episode, another potential rival for Saitama appeared in the form of Amai Mask, who turned out to be a "Class A Rank 1" hero. Importantly, Amai Mask already appeared to have sown the seeds for further conflict with Saitama as he blamed the Class S heroes for the destruction of the city and a fight, which looked likely to erupt soon afterwards, was only narrowly averted.

Even though the second season has not been formally announced, many think that a rivalry between Saitama and Amai Mask is bound to occur.

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