'Overwatch' Sombra release date: Is Sombra the new hero Blizzard is talking about in their new developer video?

(Playoverwatch.com, Overwatch's official website)A new hero is joining 'Overwatch's' cast of characters soon

The hunt for Sombra continues, but the good news for "Overwatch" fans is that the reveal they have been anticipating for months now may be coming to them very shortly.

In a new developer video, director Jeff Kaplan talked about Blizzard's future plans for the game, including what they have in store in terms of new heroes.

Kaplan shared that the development of one hero in particular is "very far along," adding that the folks over at Blizzard have already begun play-testing this new character.

Unfortunately, the game director did not reveal exactly when this new hero may be added, though he did note that fans should see him/her "sooner rather than later."

"Overwatch" players will likely be happy to know that they may be set to welcome a new hero soon, though who this addition is remains unclear.

Undoubtedly, many players will start to wonder if this soon-to-be seen hero may finally be the elusive Sombra.

Rumblings about Sombra being added to the game have been circulating for months.

Dedicated fans have even helped put together a Wikia page detailing the many clues pointing to Sombra's existence, which is quite remarkable since Blizzard has yet to even confirm that she will become a part of the game's roster.

For what it's worth, Blizzard is teasing that something really big is happening soon, even launching a new web site – amomentincrime.com – that appears to be building up to some kind of reveal.

As iDigitalTimes pointed out, if the website's tick rate just moves a bit faster, there's a chance that it could be done by Halloween, and that could be the time that Sombra is finally introduced.

In any case, something big is seemingly set to happen inside "Overwatch" soon, and who knows, maybe that something will come in the form of Sombra's long-awaited debut.

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