'Percy Jackson 3' release date, news, update: Logan Lerman reveals cast are still in the dark about possible third installment

Third installment of the Percy Jackson series seems highly unlikely.

"Percy Jackson" fans will have to hold their breath a little longer as an official confirmation on the third installment of the popular film series is still forthcoming. Rumors of the upcoming movie based on the third sequel of the book have been seen floating online ever since the release of the second film in August 2013.

"Percy Jackson", which is a film based on the books of Rick Riordan with the same name, revolves around the adventures of the titular character, as he discovers that he is the son of the Greek god, Poseidon.

The first movie, entitled "Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief", which was released in February 2010, featured Percy being whisked away to Camp Half-Blood, a training ground for children of demigods, soon after he finds out that he is half god. Percy embarks on a mission to the underworld to retrieve the thunderbolt of Zeus that he has been accused of stealing and is believed to have been taken by Hades instead.

The success of the first movie had prompted 20th Century Fox to greenlight the production of the series' second installment. "Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters" was released in mid-2013 to less than stellar reviews and disappointing box office returns. The sequel's poor performance is said to be the main reason behind the delay in the filming of the third installment.

Fans of the series are very much concerned over the time it is taking to start the production of the third movie, currently dubbed as "Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse." The hype surrounding the movie is quickly fading away and the actors who are supposed to act as teenagers in the film now look too mature to play the role of a 15-year-old.

To add to the frustration, there have been reports that even the cast of the yet-to-be-confirmed movie has not been informed about whether the third movie is a go or not.

In an interview last March, lead actor Logan Lerman was quoted as saying:

"I said I don't know, I've never heard anything and it's been a while since the second one was released, so I just haven't heard anything about a third film. Unless they call me I think it's unlikely."

Reports by Hallels pegs the release date for "Percy Jackson: The Titan's Curse" to be October 2015, but with even the actors in the movie being kept in the dark, all speculations of the premiere seem to be unfounded.

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