PlayStation 4.5 'NEO' release date, specs rumors, updates: PS NEO carries improved PS4 hardware

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Rumors about the Sony Playstation 4.5 have been around for a while. Word has it that the new console is already in development and will be released sometime this year.

For the past few months, a new PlayStation was given the name PlayStation 4.5 or PlayStation 4K, but according to sources for GiantBomb, the device is called by industry experts as PlayStation NEO.

Instead of being a new machine like most people think, the PlayStation NEO will be an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4. According to rumors, Sony intended to have an improved machine so that it will be compatible with the upcoming Virtual Reality technology.

The report also detailed that by October, all game titles for PS4 will be released with two modes: a "Base Mode," compatible for the current console, and a "NEO Mode" that works for the new device. This suggests that the NEO will also be available by that time.

As for the specs, the news outlet has shared a comparison of both devices from Sony. PS4 runs on eight Jaguar Cores at 1.6Hz, while the NEO reportedly runs on the same processor but was clocked in at 2.1 GHz. As for the graphics, the current console has AMD GCN, 18 CUs at 800 MHz while the NEO has improved graphics specs with 36 CUs at 911 MHz. For the memory, the PS4 has 8 GB GDDR5 with 176 GB/second, while the NEO is said to have the same but clocked in at 218 GB/s.

It was also mentioned that the upcoming console will support 4K games, but the games do not have to be 4K native.

With this unconfirmed report, it seems that NEO packs up such impressive specs. But not a lot of people – especially PS4 owners – will be happy about it. NEO could decrease the market value for PS4 and it would be unfair for the millions of PS4 owners who now find that there's an upgraded version of the console that they've invested on.

As of the moment, Sony has not issued a comment regarding the rumors.

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