PlayStation 4.5 Neo release date rumors: Is an E3 announcement likely?

(Facebook courtesy of PlayStation)

Starting June 14, the eyes of the gaming world will turn to Los Angeles as this year's E3 event finally begins, and similar to years past, the 2016 edition is also expected bring about big news, possibly even coming in the form of the PlayStation 4.5 Neo's first public appearance.

The PS 4.5 has been a staple of the rumor mill for a while now and it's easy to understand why.

New consoles typically aren't released just three years after the currently available one was first launched, so when rumors began to emerge, suggesting that Sony was working on the PS 4.5, it caught more than a few people off-guard.

Though Sony has yet to confirm the existence of the new console, it may just be a matter of time before an official reveal takes place, and given how much buzz E3 generates every year, Tech Radar notes that the PS 4.5 will likely be announced during the event.

The E3 reveal may then be followed by the PlayStation 4.5 Neo being made available to gamers sometime in October.

For gamers who may be afraid that their still relatively new PlayStation 4 consoles will be rendered obsolete by the arrival of the Neo, this is apparently not expected to be the case.

Instead of being treated as a console that ushers in the arrival of a new generation, the PS 4.5 is expected to co-exist alongside the PlayStation 4, according to Giant Bomb.

Both consoles will reportedly make use of the same online features, and no games are expected to be made exclusively for the rumored PlayStation 4.5 Neo.

Unfortunately, there are still many things that have yet to be revealed concerning the rumored console, ranging from additional features, if it has any, and even what it may look like.

If Sony really is working on the PlayStation 4.5 Neo, then hopefully, players will finally be able to see what it is truly like as early as next month.

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